If you are already designing, programming & working with Computer Aided Trading for so many years you forget that others have not the same baggage. So thanks to Jan, who pointed me on this fact, here is a short 'How to' guide of how I use the computer generated portfolios.

The computer manage on a daily basis his own portfolios where he does his own Buy/Sell or entry/exit points of the shares in his database. It will do so after each stock market closes (also know as time zone). Then it will send an e-mail to the people who have taken a 1 year subscription in the web-shop of that stock market that there is a update in his portfolio. Later you can also see these on your iPhone or iPod touch (see Herman’s page for more info).

If you follow all the portfolios you will get the same P&L (Profit or Loss) as you can see on his, 3 times daily, updated statistics page.

Or you can do like me and combine this information with you own way of trading.
I am a fundamental trader, so when the fundamentals of a company are in my parameters, I wait for the Buy signal to get the optimal entry point. And when the fundamentals are getting bad I will exit on the Sell signal. By doing so I let my profits run and keep my potential loss to a minimum.


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