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7th December 2009 ; Brussels

iSignals, part of JiYe-Consultancy Ltd, has released an iPhone/iPod touch front-end for his trading engine. This trading engine generates computer managed portfolios with Buys & Sells of equities for 28 stock markets (all major world stock markets like NYSE, Euronext, NASDAQ, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bombay, Germany etc. are followed).
The trading engine it selfs follows more than 14000 instruments and at his core it uses a neural network which uses historical quote data of more than 9 years and combines this with several proprietary financial models & pattern detection techniques .

With the iPhone/IPod application the user has the possibility to subscribe to one or more of the 27 followed markets; and to setup a portfolio of instruments for which he wants to receive the signals.

Several times per day the trading engine will do an analysis of the 14000 instruments in his database and based on this analysis adapt his portfolios by buying or selling equity. As soon as the user opens the iSignals  application the updated portfolio signals will be received. (Note: in a future release  the unique push notifications capabilities of OS3.0  will be used to deliver the iSignals directly).

"When we developed this application we realized that we could use the unique features of the iPhone to enhance the way stock investors can work. By creating a native iPhone application we could seamlessly integrate with the platform.
Due to the mobile nature of the application the user can receive the signals whenever he wants, where-ever he wants. This allows a very active management of his assets." , says Herman Van Durme, CTO at iSignals.

"The trading engine itself is the result of more than 7 years of R&D in financial modeling and technical analysis and is tested with 9 years of historical data. Thanks to his neural network , the trading engine has a stable performance ratio (even during the financial crisis years)", says Zhang Jiye, Managing Partner, JiYe-Consultancy Ltd ; owner of iSignals.

The daily performance of the trading engine can be followed on

For more info see and the iPhone application can be found on iTunes by searching for iSignals  or go directly to : the application in Apple's AppStore.

About iSignals
iSignals is a subsidiary of JiYe-Consultancy Ltd, specializing in financial consultancy and computer based investment systems.

If you like more information about iSignals, the trading engine or the iPhone front-end or to schedule an interview with a member of iSignals executive team please contact Zhang Jiye at  or  Herman Van Durme at

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